Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines for entrepreneur magazine

The Entrepreneur Magazine publishes exclusive content, and most of it is written by community members. A few carefully chosen guest authors will be compensated for their contributions financially or in other ways.

As contributing authors, you are welcome to join us. We have created instructions for potential authors on writing articles for TEM as part of our authoring and editorial process. These rules are provided to maintain content consistency and quality. These are not intended to limit your creativity or writing style.

Making An Article Pitch:

We need to know what your content is about and know your blog outline before we can decide whether or not to include it in the magazine.

  • Articles must be at least 600 words in length (one page). If an article is longer, the word count should be no longer than 2000 words.
  • Make sure to identify the target audience for your content when submitting the article pitch.
  • Reach us at to submit your pitch.
  • When submitting the pitch, it is recommended that you have an outline. This allows us to make decisions more quickly.
  • Original ideas, persuasive arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not repost anything that has already been published elsewhere else.
  • Stories reflect an acceptable blog structure's writing style/tone.
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, facts, and outside content used in the piece.
  • Please do not upload copied content that has previously been posted on other websites.
  • We will not erase the content from the website once it has been published.
  • Please let us have at least a week to respond.

Once your article is Approved:

Your article enters the publishing queue after the review procedure is finished and it receives editorial approval to be published. The publishing schedule and any other information required for us to complete and publish the content will be sent.

  • All ownership rights to the content you submit are assumed by The Entrepreneur Magazine. Without the editors' written consent, you are not permitted to publish this content elsewhere or to cross-post it.
  • However, we don't wish to post anything that is already well-liked on your blog or in other places. Publishing the same material in the magazine serves no use. You are permitted to reuse some of the content from your own blog or articles, but not other people's content.

Contact us at if you have any more questions regarding submitting an article pitch or creating the content for your pitch.

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