Explore 5 Famous Destinations In Cairo: Pyramids, Museums

Situated in the heart of Egypt, Cairo presents a unique case of an ancient yet still active city, as it is a living legacy of the greatness of the past and the progress of the present. From the stunning pyramids ascending to the rhythmic streets bustling with culture, nothing is more adventurous than discovering famous destinations in Cairo. We, at TBO Academy, are glad to share a digital excursion to some of the most famous destinations in Cairo that make up the list of must-visit destinations in Cairo, Egypt which attract tourists from around the world. 

The Gigantic Great Pyramids of Giza 

Many a time, people have been privileged to witness the unveiling of the Great Pyramids Giza. 

The gigantic Great Pyramids of Giza, the showpieces of all the great ancient Egyptian civilisation, are located right beside Cairo and have always enchanted the visitors’ mind with their awesome architecture. The Pyramids of Giza were originally built as pharaohs’ tombs in the Old Kingdom period. Even though weathened by the time and now desolated, they still capture our imagination by the majesty and mystery. 

Visitors can walk through the three pyramids, that are known as the Pyramid of Khufu, that of Khafre and that of Menkaure, that have their own peculiarities and past to each pyramid. The journey begins with being atop the dune with a camel, experiencing the vastness of the desert and its movements, or underground in the chambers that are alive with history and a sense of wonder. Learn more about the Great Pyramids in Cairo! 

The Grand Egyptian Museum 

Experience the time machine of the Egyptian Museum, a chance encounter, and a one-way road to unimaginable riches in the heart of Cairo. Housing over one hundred and twenty thousand artefacts that depicted several thousand years of the development of human civilization on the banks of the river Nile, this museum offers a unique opportunity to peep into the visual realm of the developments of the biggest civilizations of the ancient era. 

Get dazzled by the beautiful treasures of Tutankhamun, or especially his unique golden death mask, and enjoy the look of ancient sarcophagi, with their hieroglyphs. A museum is not a museum without its artefacts. From giant statues of pharaohs to delicately crafted jewellery and mummies to boot, the collection here tells a story of Egypt’s flourishing times passed, making the Egyptian Museum a must see for the history craving. 

The Citadel of Saladin 

The Citadel of Saladin is of enormous historical significance in regard to the Crusades. 

On one of the hills bordering Cairo, the Citadel of Saladin robustly surmounts, where it represents a beacon of medieval military technology and Islamic architectural design. In the 12th century Salah-el-Din, the great Kurdish ruler, erected this fort to fight against the crusaders and stand tall above the city below. 

Visitors can navigate the maze-like streets within the Citadel, admiring the beautiful mosques and palaces on the way. Moreover, the Alabaster Mosque in style is a must see place to, which is distinguished with its distinctive domes and minarets. Whether it is observing the marvellous details or enjoying the spectacular scenery, a glance at Al-Qa’a is the journey back in time to Egypt’s medieval age. 

Khan El Khalili Old Marketplace 

Khan El Khalili bazaar is the place to hang around to immerse yourself in the buzzing city life and active commerce in Cairo. A trademark of Cairo’s Islamic section is this ancient maze that has survived hundreds of years, entertaining its visitors and exude the unparalleled ambiance created by its diverse shops, coffeehouses, and street vendors. 

Mesh your way through maze-like lanes similar to those decorated with colourful lanterns, and highly intricately designed mosaics, buy souvenirs ranging from vibrant textiles to exotic spices, relish the air of freshly prepared coffee as well as that of traditional Egyptian street food. Khan El Khalili street is not just a place where you can buy stuff. It is the heart of Cairo and the main place where foreign tourists can see the real life of Egyptian people exactly from the hustle and bustle of the market street and the fading charm of the old buildings. 

The Mighty Nile 

Not only one can get a fancy overlook of the unblemished beauty of the Nile from the middle of this river but also will be able to immerse him- or her-self in an irreplaceable part and parcel of Egypt’s ancient history. Either through the traditional one-mast felucca sailboats or the modern river cruisers, navigating the Nile allows a marvellous view of famous destinations in Cairo’s testaments and creates a new cityscape. 

With the soft breeze you drift past the dense riverbanks and the scenic landmarks like the Cairo Tower and the gorgeous bridges which glitter impressively over the Nile. This is when you know how that life on the busy waterfront comes to be. From cruising in the sunset to dinner outings that are romantic, Nile River cruise offers a graceful way out of the city’s hustle-bustle and does create an atmosphere of being tranquil away among the ancient and most popular water in Egypt. 

Taking the Handle of the Timeless Love for Cairo 

The golden glow of the ancient pyramids of Giza glamorously invites travelers to explore the busy lanes of the Khan El-Khalili market, which get interspersed with spices, sounds, and symbols of the enigmatic and long-lasting past of this place. Whether through tracing of bygone days or the vitality and vibrancy of the urban, famous destinations in Cairo present a fascinating experience that is distinctive where the past elegantly effuses with the current, to create lasting memories that stay for a lifetime. For more such content, be sure to follow TBO Academy today! 

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