Brandon Miller: Provided Gun For Fatal Shooting

Born in 2002, Brandon Miller is a famous professional American basketball player popular nationwide. He is a college basketball player for the Alabama Crimson Tide of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

For the last few days, he is in the top headlines of every news channel but not for a good reason. If reports are to be believed, basketball star Brandon Miller helped his former teammate get a gun allegedly that was later used to kill a 23-year-old mother named Jamea Jonae Harris.

Yes, you read that right!

Keep reading the blog to know all the key details of Brandon Miller providing a gun to his former teammate before the fatal shooting. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Brandon Miller’s Gave Gun To Darius Miles 

Brandon Miller needs no introduction. He is a popular basketball player who has won many awards and honors. The main reason why he is getting all the media limelight is that he provided a gun to his former teammate before the fatal shooting.

NBA star Brandon Miller who is expected to be the part of 2023 NBA tournament allegedly gave a gun to his former teammate Darius Miles before the fatal shooting of Jamea Jonae Harris.

It was on a recent Tuesday when Tuscaloosa detective Branden Culpepper verified that Brandon Miller allegedly helped his former teammate Darius Miles to get a gun that was later used to kill Jamea Jonae Harris. To people’s knowledge, Jamea Jonae Harris was a 23-year-old Birmingham young mother who was murdered.

What Happened On The Incident Day

The 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris was shot to death with a gun. The reason for her murder was she refused to talk to a gang of boys.

As per Jamea Jonae Harris’s mother, DeCarla Heard, Jamea along with her boyfriend had gone to Tuscaloosa to meet her cousin at the University of Alabama. As per court reports, a 20-year-old Maryland resident Michael Lynn Davis shot Jamea when she was in her vehicle. The gun was provided to Michael by Darius Miles, 21 who further got the gun from Brandon Miller.

The fatal incident happened when Jamea along with her boyfriend and some other buddies went to a club and stopped on the way home to get some food to eat along with her cousin. While waiting for the food in the car, one of the suspects came close to the car and tried to interact with Jamea. However, she avoided interacting. It was then their car was blocked and one of the suspects with the gun approached the car and started shooting randomly.

Jamea’s boyfriend tried to drive the car away from the incident location and drove until he saw a police car. However, Jamea was declared dead on the spot.

Michael Lynn Davis and Darius Miles have been charged with capital murder while Brandon Miller has not been charged with any felony.

The Incident Location 

As per the local police, the fatal incident happened near ‘The Strip’ in Tuscaloosa which is the off-campus entertainment district. Michael has been charged with shooting the gun into a vehicle in which Jamea the young mother of a 5-year-old son was shot dead.

Career Of Brandon Miller

Since Brandon has not been charged with any felony, his basketball career seems to be safe, and high chance the talented player will be part of the 2023 NBA Draft though, for the time being.

As per Tuscaloosa chief deputy D.A. Paula Whitley, “There’s nothing we could charge him with.” Darius Miles messaged Brandon Miller to provide him with the gun.

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