Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Contract – All You Need To Know

Get ready for a clash of titans! Boxing legend Mike Tyson is stepping back into the ring to take on influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul this July. This isn’t your typical heavyweight matchup, and that’s exactly what’s generating so much buzz.

A recent press conference fueled the excitement even further, giving both fighters a platform to promote the main event within a four-fight card scheduled for Arlington, Texas. To keep you in the loop, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about this unique fight.

Details about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract

Details about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract
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  • Date: The fight is scheduled for July 20, 2024, on a Saturday.
  • Location: The fight will happen at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Fighting Card: Before Paul and Tyson face off, there are three more fights on the full card.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract rules

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations has approved this fight, although it will not follow the traditional three-minute rounds.

Instead, there will be eight rounds of two minutes each. Both boxers will be wearing gloves that weigh 14 ounces, which is heavier than usual.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract tickets

With a maximum capacity of 80,000, AT&T Stadium offers a wide range of ticket prices.

  • Vivid Seats has first-row ringside seats listed for over $47,000 each.
  • That is however an exception, since floor tickets also cost $643.
  • Tickets for the upper level concourse start at just $87 apiece.

About Jake Paul

Jake Paul
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Jake Paul is 27 years old.

Paul’s listed height is 6-foot-1, and he now weighs 230 pounds, which is more than his usual fighting weight of 200 pounds.

About Mike Tyson 

Mike Tyson
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Mike Tyson is 57 years old now. He will turn 58 by the day of the fight.

Tyson is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He competed at 220 pounds in his recent exhibition.

The age gap between them is around 31 years on fight night. Tyson, who will be 58 soon, has to fight without headgear, according to the commission rules. Many boxing fans worldwide are probably going to be very concerned about this match.

In November 2020, the heavyweight legend fought Roy Jones Jr. in the ring. But that fight took place under exhibition rules, and Tyson’s fight with Paul will count as his 59th professional fight.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract Netflix details

The fight will only be streamed on Netflix; the official start time has not yet been disclosed. A Netflix subscription is needed to watch the fight. Standard streaming with advertisements starts at $6.99 per month.

The veteran, who was born in New York, has far more experience than Paul, who has only fought ten fights. It should be mentioned, though, that before Tyson is officially permitted to compete in Texas as a boxer over the age of 36, he must go through a series of tests during fight week. The fight that is being streamed on Netflix may be called off entirely if he fails those tests.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract rumors

During a press conference earlier this month, Tyson denied rumors that the fight will be predetermined. Rather, he declared, “this is a sanctioned fight and I am knocking Jake out,” in a post on X.

The complete fight rules put an end to earlier rumors that the fighters would be using 18-ounce gloves and headgear.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul contract predictions

David Fletcher writes: “No one has dared to challenge Paul because of the inexperience of his opponents and the fear of his power. Tyson is going to be very aggressive and will probably be so for a few rounds. It is possible that Tyson will force Paul to back off once he senses his power, even if he does not win by knockout.”

Since stopping Clifford Etienne in February 2003, Tyson has not triumphed in a boxing match via knockout. Officially, the 31-year age difference between him and Paul will be the biggest in the history of the sport. It also breaks the record of the 24 years that divided 49-year-old Archie Moore and 25-year-old Mike DiBiase in 1963.

Tyson vs. Paul already promises to be one of the most controversial boxing matches ever.

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