The Tragedy That Befell Alysha Duran

Police are meant to protect you, at the same time, they are tasked to defend themselves in dangerous situations. A Colorado cop, N Adams, allegedly faced a dangerous situation when he asked a 46-year-old woman, Alysha Duran to stop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a simple stop and search as Alysha lost her life in the process. What happened on that fateful day?

The Officer Who Shot Alysha

The policeman that shot Alysha had a body camera (bodycam) that captured everything that happened. The video footage showed how the cop pulled the trigger and killed the lady. When asked why he killed her, the officer said Alysha pulled out a gun. He approached her because she was driving on the wrong side, but the situation took a turn for the worse.

The incident, which occurred in July 2023, has sparked several differing opinions from netizens. Some supported the police, others criticized him, while the rest remained neutral, but expressed sympathy to the victim’s family. Those who criticized him commented that Adams wasn’t patient enough. He should have waited to hear if Alysha will tell him why she was armed.

What Happened On That Day?

Adams claimed that he saw Alysha parked on the wrong side of the road, in front of another automobile. He further stated that he didn’t know why Alysha Duran stayed on the wrong side opposite the other car. Seeing this, Adams went to speak to the driver of the second car, then left to speak to Alysha.

According to Adams, he met Alysha sitting in her car with a poker face on. She was the only person sitting inside. The officer ordered her to wind down her car window, expecting her to comply immediately. Alysha didn’t do as ordered until several moments later. After she rolled down the window, Adams noticed Alysha grabbing and rubbing her necklace when he tried to speak to her. That was when he spotted her firearm laying beside her which escalated the situation.

Video Evidence

The Colorado police department examined the body and footage of what happened between Alysha Duran and the cop. The video showed Alysha seemingly taking something from the car after being asked to stop on that tragic afternoon.

Normally, if a cop stops you, you are supposed to put your hands where he can see it. Alysha didn’t do that, and the officer assumed she wanted to bring up her firearm. Realizing this, the policeman instantly ran to the end of Alysha’s car to get out of harm’s way. Adam claimed he saw the gun, but no gun was seen on camera. However, the video captured the panic on the cop’s face and his voice asking what Alysha had in the vehicle.

Pulling The Trigger

Just seconds after Adams asked Alysha a question, he shot her. His aim was fatal, as the bullet was aimed at Alysha’s side of the window. Then it passed out to strike another motor that faced Alysha’s. The bullet killed Alysha Duran, but the occupant in the opposite car escaped unscathed.

The Colorado Police Department Intervention

The department of police in Colorado intervened in the matter seeing how everything unfolded in the wrong direction. They claimed that officer Adams acted in self-defense because Alysha had a handgun.

They also released the video evidence to the public to judge the event. Additionally, they noted that police officers can draw their firearms and run towards the back of a vehicle when in danger. This also includes perceived dangers.

The Department’s Defense Of Adams

The police department justified Adams’ actions because they believed he followed the rule. This is why they released the video, so the public could see what went down. They further stated that they found a handgun inside Alysha’s car. Furthermore, Adams has been a lawman for over two decades, with no misdemeanor or prior incident.

Expressing Sympathy To Alysha’s Family

The Colorado law enforcement department expressed their deepest regret to the victim’s family and loved ones. They reiterated the police are there to protect the citizens, and will continue to do so.

However, they know this unfortunate event has left an impact on everybody concerned. Yet, the department reminded citizens that officers often face complex situations that require only a second to make a decision. This second can determine the life and death of people involved, including the cops.

Actions Taken On Adams

Adams didn’t go scot-free after the shooting. He was given administrative leave so that his superiors could investigate what happened, as per rules and regulations. Moreover, Adams’ bullet hit a third party who wasn’t involved in the whole thing.

As a result, he was investigated, even though the third party was unharmed. Another reason is that the state government had made new firearm regulations months earlier. Whether this law remains beneficial to civilians and lawmakers remains to be seen.


Lastly, 2023 ended in a sad departure for Alysha Duran. Her presence would be missed by her loved ones and friends. The way she died could have been avoided if things were done differently by both parties. It is also a reminder for people to always follow lawful orders by the police if pulled to a stop. Never hide your hands where the cops can’t see them. On the other hand, police officers should exercise restraint before pulling the trigger. A life lost can never be replaced, and those left behind by the victims will feel the void.

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